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Details & Credits

Live Nation websites were designed and developed with the fan in mind. Each festival brings country music to a new location and along with it both new and frequented audiences.

During the design phase Alex and Ben worked with the Live Nation team to ensure that newcomers could navigate the site with ease and that the veterans were reminded of the fun that happened in previous years.

We have been part of these website collaborations and launches since 2014 working with past and ongoing festivals.

Faster Horses Festival |
Watershed Festival
Tortuga Music Festival
SevenPeaks Festival
Route 91 Harvest
FarmBorough Festival
LakeShake Festival |
creative Director
Joshua Sage Newman
Art Directors
Aaron J Rayburn, Austin Hale, Ben Fieker
Web Designers & Developers
AAron J Rayburn & Ben Fieker
Graphic Designers
Ben Fieker, Parker Foote, Abby Murdock, Austin Hale
Alex Hoffman, Kate Balch, Courtney Klimson, Dani Nolette