Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival 2017

Brand Design | Marketing Design | Web Design | Mobile App Design | Environmental Art

Details & Credits

Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival 2016 was a highly collaborative and very involved project that brought a lot of fun challenges and successes.

Ben and Alex were primarily involved in the ideation, construction, and installation of the Planet Roo archway that the festival attendees passed through each morning on their way to the festival stages. The process took a lot of strategic planning, sourcing, mobilization, and physical labor, much of which was just done by the two of them over the period of a few months. They were also part of the build-out of a second art installation on festival grounds.

Alex was also involved in the project management of other projects for the festival, such as stage scrims, evergreen logo creation, digital assets, mobile app skinning, tour poster, and many illustrative assets.

This is a project near and dear to Alex and Ben's heart and one that paid off huge when they were able to attend the festival and see everyone enjoying their work.
creative Directors
Joshua Sage Newman & Josh Cole
Art Directors
AARon J Rayburn & Austin Hale
Graphic Designers
Ben Fieker, Parker Foote, AARon J Rayburn, Austin Hale
App Designers
Ben Fieker & AARon J Rayburn
Alex Hoffman & Kate Balch
Environmental Artists
Ben Fieker & Joshua Sage Newman
Production Hands
Nafis Narsinghani, Alex Pavkov, Aaron J Rayburn, Drew Hoffman, Chris Balch
Site Photographs
Joshua Sage Newman